NewAire, RainbowAir, & QueenAire (dba The Ozone Experts) originally began in the Sunshine State of Florida. The company later re-located to Virginia, then to its current 6,600 sq/ft headquarters/manufacturing facility on the beautiful St. Lawrence River in Upstate, NY.

Our entire line of ozone deodorizers provices a superior product with first rate customer service, positioning us as the industries "Ozone Experts". With over 30 years combined experience in ozone technology, we are proud to have become the most recognized and trusted brands in our industry.

Our ozone generators will get rid of all unwanted odors in your home or place of business. Ozone generators create ozone (03) which is dispersed into the air to attack and destroy odors at their source. After ozonating, you will be left with clean, healthy fresh air. These are especially effective in eliminating:

Mold and Mildew Odors
Cigarette Smoke Odors
Smoke Damage Odors
Food Odors
Carpet Odors
Pet/Animal Odors
Paint Odors
Decaying Odors
New Construction Odors
Body Odors
Vehicle Odors (Auto Kit)


I've now had this product for over ten years and it has proven to be a true asset again and again. What I like the best is the fact that they answer the phone with friendly and knowledgeable service if I have a question about a certain application. The fact that is made in the US and I can speak directly with the manufacturer is just bonus.



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The Ozone Experts

The Ozone Experts

Rainbowair Activator 250 Series II Ozone Generator (5210-II)

The Rainbowair 250 Series II Ozone Generator incorporates a new state-of-the-art deodorizing technology designed to give you years of reliability.

* Series II technology ensures years of reliable performance
* Designed to deodorize rooms up to 2,500 sq/ft
* Variable ozone output up to 250 mg/hr output
* 0.15 amps at maximum output
* 1 hour timer
* 115 CFM air movement
* 6
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